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Originally Posted by Berck14Fan View Post
I ran across an old add stating the console game Gran Turismo 5 had sold 5.5 million copies which got me wondering if ISI and Simbin publish units sold? I'm curious to know how large the PC sim-racing community is comparable to top console titles.
Its definitely smaller. In terms of sales I'd say it was probably 1/10 th the size.

ISI have been tight lipped over sales of rFactor. They just said sales were good but not great.

Simbin have said that the RACE 07 series (Race 07, GTR Evo, STCC etc) has a community of over half a million.

I am privy to sales figures for GTR and GTL but though my NDA has probably expired, I think I'll keep it vague by saying they sold in the low hundreds of thousands.

I don't want to start a different argument but piracy rates on the PC are far higher than on the PS3. So sales might not reflect the true size of the community. Shift sold over 5 million copies on all platforms, but only 5% were on PC. However there were 2.1 million pirate downloads of the PC version. This kind of piracy level is also reported by Ubisoft on their PC titles. You would hope that with pc racing sims being aimed at a more mature audience than your typical pc game that piracy rates should be lower than the norm but being realistic they are still likely to be significant.
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