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Originally Posted by stepy
Check out this lap "Ryan Foss Monza" seems to me like a lot of track cutting.
And then compare it to Dan's Pantera lap of Monza and you will see a very similar degree of 'cutting', except perhaps in the last chicane where Ryan takes more kerb than Dan.

Some people may consider these types of driving lines as unfair, or even cheating. However, the only cheat checking employed by this site, and all other hotlap sites that I know of, is the game's in-built 'Cut Track Warning' system.

Basically if the game itself allows the lap to be counted then it is considered to be a valid lap. Any attempt to introduce any other form of checking would be very time consuming and open to possible differences of interpretation as to what constitutes a valid lap.

Ryan, and Dan, are just stretching the possibilities to the maximum. I'm sure that if either one of them had tried to take a few centimetres extra over those kerbs then the game would have called them on it.
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