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Originally Posted by Muntaaa
Basically if the game itself allows the lap to be counted then it is considered to be a valid lap. Any attempt to introduce any other form of checking would be very time consuming and open to possible differences of interpretation as to what constitutes a valid lap.

Ryan, and Dan, are just stretching the possibilities to the maximum. I'm sure that if either one of them had tried to take a few centimetres extra over those kerbs then the game would have called them on it.
exactly.. while in 'real life' abusing a car like that might not be the best way to go, or even possible without trashing the car, in the game anyone serious about getting a mega time is going to take the fastest line without getting a cut warning.. and well you know if you get a cut warning then the games lap timer stops and thats it until the next lap. Luckily on the majority of tracks the cut system is pretty fair and doesn't allow any really stupid lines

I'm not going to argue the correctness of it compared to any real life scenario, it is the best system we have that equally applies to every driver.
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