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Thanks for your motivation!

AndreiRS: No. I have only used MOTEC with P&G. I have heard it is somehow possible with GTL too, but I haven't tried.

campagnolo_1: Porsche 906 you can get by completing single player GTC65 race series at Cup E. (if I remember correctly?)

You are welcome to join my hotlapping project. You can use those AI times as a reference. After few cars you might notice which you run best compared to AI.

One factor that might make AI to hotlap worse times than human is gearing (eg. Alpine). I think AI uses always the middle gearing (although I'm not sure this is always true(?)). Highest gearing is usually optimum for Nords. Also AI cannot probably change other settings like camber, that can already make some difference in lap time.

Also, the always present human factor make times a bit hard to compare. It is hard to hotlap each car in perfectly consistent manner. For example my Alfa and Mini time is more competitive than others because the hot laps with those cars succeeded very well. Also the Ford Falcon hotlap didn't succeed that well.

The good point here is that I have become more familiar with the track (lapped more than hundred times), and I can always improve the hotlaps and replace the old time with a new (thanks NG forum edit option).

I Added my Healey time.
Edit: 904->906

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