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As my project goes on, it feels more and more dull. The more powerfull cars require much more practice for one clean lap. I got OK lap for Corvette '65 but I'm still behind the AI. That is shame because it is the only one.

Regarding to setups:
I have started to increase the ride height for GTC-65 cars. It seems to help with the handling. There is many elevations in this track that make it difficult to keep the rear wheels planted. Increasing ride height helps a bit.

Almost all of the GTC-65 cars lack the fifth gear and only have three or four different gear ratios. I usually choose the longest or second longest gear ratio. e.g. I chose the second longest ratio for Corvette '65. It does 155mph on the straight with it. But could go 165-170mph with the longest available ratio. Still I chose the second longest because of the many tight curves that would become slower with the longest.

Lets see how it is with the '76:ers....

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