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Ibelieve the issue about the piracy that no-one has addressed is that the additional content was as a reward for PRE-ORDERING IT.

That is, before the game is even released, before the game was reviewed, before anyone had gotten a chance to find out whether it lived up to the hype, these people were willing to ponk their money down for something with nothing more than FAITH... And, apparently, most of you seem to think that that should have NO reward.

So, what is left? Why should ANYONE ever pre-order a game? Why should they provide a quick injection of cash to devs who may be strapped to finish the game (or work on releasing it as bug-free as possible)? Apparently, the rewards for doing so will be stolen and considered the personal right of anyone that DIDN'T show any faith in the title pre-release.

The ability of people to delude themselves that they are doing no wrong never fails to entertain me. And disappoint. Why not go out and steal a few credit card #'s while yuou are at it...? After all, another 'victimless crime'...

Oh yeah, that's right... You'd go to jail for that one. I fail to see the difference. Explain it to me.
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