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I dunno if you'd have an open enough mind to accept the truth of the matter.

Unless someone has physically lost something of value then there was no crime. I would bet that you don't consider license's and service agreements to be anything other than business, when in actuality they are just alternate names for extortion.

Pre-Order bonuses are fine, but at the same time they introduce a discriminatory element that can frustrate or enrage people who find material (or in this case immaterial) things important.

The problem is not that something has been stolen, more that attitudes of people are so divergent you cannot please everyone. In your case I doubt much would please you.

Stealing CC's and gaining access to something that is shipped with the game are two entirely different matters and lumping them together is just ignorance on top of arrogance.

Faith is a pointless argument too. I have faith my car will start, does that mean I get a cookie? If someone wishes to pre-order a game, then fine, why should they worry about whether they get some exclusive bauble over someone who bought the game on release day?

OH btw the LE content, was just from the LE versions of the game NOT Pre-order only.

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