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Hi Griff thanks for joining and posting the update... you are a brave man!

Can you comment on the collision stutter issue that some of us suffer from? I suffered from it in S1 and now S2 and just to know that you have seen it and are aware it exists would make me feel better . If you have any advice on what may be causing it that would be great also.

Only other thing for now is I would like the option to go to the tuning menu from the event screen before starting the race. I know I can setup the car for all tracks beforehand, then race without thinking about it but who really does that? I’d say most of us are running a pretty default setting and applying it to all tracks.

Great work on the visuals, you have managed to date every other racing game I have by about 5-10 years! I will be uninstalling a few of them as I can’t see myself enjoying them anymore. I like my eye candy too much
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