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Originally Posted by helloworld View Post
What a wonderful post. Thank you Martin.

Achieving the same result, yes, but if you go for something a bit less amazing it should be quite easy (obviously depends how the engine has been built up).
Car headlights (32 in total I guess) and many trackside lights just isn't easy to pull off at decent performance on a mid-range PC. I understand that technically being able to even come close to it is amazing, but is it worth it? It occasionally does bring about delight, but personally I'm not sure if the extra problems are worth it.
That being said, people are working on it and improvements can be made (always! no matter how good you think or know your engine is) which is always a good thing.
It's actually 64 headlights (16 cars, 2 front and 2 rear lights) - when we embarked upon night lighting we looked at our worst case - SPA with 15 AI on a start-grid (110 lights total afaik). Trying to forward render this scene sucked big-time.
In a forward renderer you need to code shaders that would handle say 4 or 8 lights that are the closest to the geometry being rendered. The result is a horror show of flickering lights, because the track lighting and cars lights project very far and choosing the lights with a limited number per mesh just doesn't work. We made the right choice and I'm very proud of the night racing in SHIFT 2
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