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Hello Martin, and thanks a lot for you beeing there.

I think you spotted the most important issues which need to be fixed.

The handling in a racing game with some "sim features" is a top priority, and I think there is a lack of work in force feedback racing wheels, since there are many complaints about some bugs with it.

The input lag first, you're already aware of that, and it's going to be fixed, that's a good thing.

Then, there is a particulary annoying bug with FFB activation. Sometimes in the game, the "grip sensation" disapears, and we have to pause and resume the game, or do alt+tab to go out from the game, and again alt+tab to come back.

In some cases, the FF get too strong, sometimes, it get too soft, and no matter what we do (pause, alt+tab), we have to wait some times to get a decent FFB back.

It seems there are more issues with Fanatec wheels (and with theses wheels, the wheel angle animation setting doesn't work at all).

It would be nice to fix those bugs, since Shift 2 gives its best with a FFB steering wheel...

Sorry for my poor english, and keep it up.
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