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Hi Martin, first appreciate the post.
What im wondering about is why there seems to be an fps limitation when in my case a Q6600 at 3GHz and a Geforce 480 are maxing out out at approx 50 to 70% usage.
Over the years ive had both cpu and gpu bottlenecks(other machine or older games) but separately, this game and Codemasters F1 are the two notable exceptions where hardware is under utilized.
When ye decide on min medium and recommended specs, why not post the resolution that a user can expect a reasonable frame rate at.
eg Min Specs at x res will achieve 30fps everything on low

There has been a post or 2 from people suggesting that changing nvidia physx to gpu is increasing fps, any comment,
my understanding is that ye have used the cpu version of that physx code and it should in no way effect anything fps wise.
going back to part one , one thing i have noticed on my cpu is that one core is running at 95-100% but the other 3 are way down, is it the game code threads running the way they are, that is hampering the fps. having said that im probably averaging 50 fps everything at max at 1900 x 1200, the problem even though that average looks good is when it drops down to the mid 30s and i see my gpu and cpu usage drop down as well, something just doesnt seem right with that.
The 95% core changes from game start to game start. CPU is 6 hour Prime95 tested only 2 months ago.

Ill leave the ffb issues as your have your area of expertise and ill hope that one of the physics, wheel guys will come along and have a chat so we can ask some questions of him.

The one thing ive found in life is that customers are generally very accommodating when someone who knows something will talk to them, ill think itll show in this thread,
maybe its something for the SMS team to keep in mind
then we wont make mistakes like below
"There has been some confusion that our anti-aliasing uses the CPU - it does not"

Are you also part of the graphic team or do you have experience in another part of the game, just wondering as there is no point in asking you specific questions if that code wasn't part of your remit
Maybe you could clarify ?

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