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Well, maybe but the full electric version:
These eight electric motors:

Now just: 8 electric motors, ie 2, 3 / 4 Lbs each battery X 8 pieces = 22Lbs (~ 10 kg) and can fly for 5 minutes. That is 132 lbs ( 66kg ) meringue can fly 30 minutes at full load... Weight of motors is 132 16 = 148 lbs (74 kg) fuel + engines.

Weight of the traditional system of propulsion engine of CRE MZ202 is 38 kg, the transmission of about 15 kg, 5 gallons of fuel to the tank about 20 kg, the total weight of 72 kg and the propulsion flight time 1 hour..
When you subtract the tail rotor 20 kg to obtain also a similar range..

Until you can control the direction of these one additional electric motors, administer, only a little smaller.

And this looks like a traditional electric version of the aircraft

Bumblebee Andrew
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