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Default Lada issue

It seems like the famous "2 euros piece" that fails and stop your car till you are in the 1st position of the race.

So now here we go.

As everyone knows Mysho is not at home these days, so he asked to me to search a solution about the problem till he come back from holidays. Unfortunately in the beta version I've not tested the Ladas, so I have not spotted the issue before, sorry.

So imho there are 2 ways to solve:

1- if you are not interested to use the Ladas (infact is the older 2009 Priora model with 2013 Granta skins replicas), simply delete the Lada Priora 2009 folder from \...\Teams\WTCC_2012 and you are ok and ready to go, as someone have already wrote.

2- if you want to use the Ladas, delete the folder as at point #1, then download this: Lada Priora 2013
Extract and paste the Lada Priora 2013 folder into your \...\Teams\WTCC_2012. Start Race 07 (or Race On, etc.), if the program loads normally without crashing and minidumping you should be ok to use the Ladas.

In the end I've made a new pack with corrected files paths (well, at least I hope so ) that should work in indipended way, no matter if you have other mod installed or not (i.e. BTCC one in particular); also I've added some other updated stuff, like new alpha channel for external windows textures and made from scratch missing internal windows (hope this will not hurt Mysho, the original textures maker, or anyone else).

A last note: if you experience some missing sounds for the Lada, is due to the fact that they are mostly addressed from STCC BMS Incognito ones (it don't depends on me), so if you don't have STCC 2008 official Simbin pack you can't hear them. In this case, simply copy an .aud file from another car folder, rename it as Lada_Priora_2013.aud, drop into WTCC_2012\Lada Priora 2013 overwriting existing one.

Hope this is all for now. Have nice races. Cheers.
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