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Originally Posted by valkopt View Post
Thank you Mysho. Great work (again). Will try it soon as possible

Just another thing: templates for the Civic?
I think there is no available template for Civic, but then again, I had nothing to do with the skins. From what I know it was all done from unfinished PetraGTC's xfiles.

Hansolo: you have to download the video from youtube using some of the available downloaders (.mp4), then you will have to convert downloaded .mp4 video format to .avi, then you have to download RAD Video Tools program to convert this .avi to .bik file (because Race 07 supports .bik files for videos), then you have to find right place for this converted .bik intro in game structure but I think it should be somewhere in UiData... It's really not that hard but too much time consuming for myself, so maybe try yourself. Hope this post got you to the right direction.
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