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Originally Posted by pawgy7 View Post
They do not work flawlessly with out the ISI Nurenburgring as you so aptly described.
But thanks. I will try that. Just looked and I have no idea what you are talking about. All the tracks I have downloaded and that ran flawlessly were complete in the download and did not need any addons.

Sorry. I found it on my original RF1 disc. All my installs are rf lite and did not have the original Nurenburg install. Thanks again.
You should use full, a few mods use ISI sounds and they not included either

I use standalone rFactor sometimes for Track folder and make MODS for both.

You can make a Standalone has all tracks, all sound and no cars.

See separate config.ini mods for each type of standalone install
Track linker ones have the edited locations obviously.
clever idea I thought lol

Looks confusin' , works a treat
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