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> The LiDAR data I received through the NOAA Digital Coast Data Team website came
> to me as a 164 MB zip archive containing four *.laz files

Think you meant USGS Earth Explorer gave you four laz files? NOAA should only give you one file.

LAZ or LAS files are what you use and they contain the height info. At this point, it's time to learn & use other free tools:
1) LAStools available at The comments about licensing apply to commercial use. It is a command-line tool with many capabilities, one of which is to convert LAZ/LAS files to CSV format. You'll still need to geometrically translate the output to a local (0,0,0) reference and move data columns for BTB purposes.
2) CloudCompare available at You can view and manipulate point clouds of many formats. Converting point clouds to CSV and the translating to a local (0,0,0) reference for BTB purposes are some of the functions. You'll likely still need to move data columns for BTB purposes.

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