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OK, let's see just how intuitive the LAStools las2txt program is!


So, I double-click on the las2txt application, and it opens a friendly window!

Ah, yes. There's the 'browse' button.
For some reason, it thinks what I want is likely in 'directory: E:\' Odd...
Well, I'll just change that to 'C:\' and...
scroll down and double-click on \SIMRACING
Yes, and there's \LiDAR data, and below that \NOAA, and Job362566_ncr2014_us, and below THAT: there are the four LAZ files!


Do I simply double-click on the first one and see what happens?

Or do I first consider the available 'filter' options? Hmmm... Since I don't UNDERSTAND the 'filter' options I'm presented with under 'by coordinates', 'by classification or return', or 'by various criteria', I'll just hold my breath and...

double-click on the first LAZ file!

OK! My computer didn't crash!

I'm staring at a blank blue box, but now I see that, to the right there is another column of choices.

The one at the top reads '1 job on 8 cores'
And below that, the radio button for 'process all files' is selected by default.
Hmmm... I've only selected the first of my LAZ files, so why isn't the radio button for 'selected file only' selected? Let's change that.

Below that, the check boxes for (x), (y), and (z) are checked. Well, the next one down is 'intensity', and I want that too, so...
I put a check mark in that box as well.

NOW, below that is the 'parse string' field! OK, so lets change that from the default (xyzi) to the order I need for BTB (xzyi)

Below THAT is the 'separator' field. Well, that needs to be 'comma' I think.

Now, do I dare click the 'RUN' button? Why not!

OK! The RUN box shows the path as "C:\SIMRACING\LiDAR data\NOAA..." -parse xzyi -sep comma

That seems right, so I click 'START'

Several seconds go by, then the hourglass icon appears, but in the header it tells me "RUN (not responding)"
Then the RUN box goes away.


Let's try again.

This time, when I click START, nothing appears to happen. But when I go down to my task bar and check the Command Prompt window, it seems to show that my RUN command was executed both times! So where do I look for my TXT file(s)???

I look through my LAStools folders. Nothing new THERE.
I look in Downloads. Nothing new there, either.

Ah , WAIT. There's a VIEW button in the las2txt window!
But that just brings up the RUN window, with buttons for START, COPY, and CANCEL.

OK, now I'm where I expected to be 30 minutes ago...


What next?
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