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Default New League: AAROC 01 Announcement

Hello everyone. I'm not sure whether I am allowed to post this here or not; if not - feel free to delete my post.

I want to announce creating of a new simracing league:

Amateur Armaroli Racing Open Challenge

The first season is going to start on this April, 8th.

This league is mostly for amateur drivers, who want to have fun in simracing but just cannot participate in professional leagues. The pro racers, though, are welcome as well.

In AAROC it doesn't really matter if you use keyboard or steering wheel. You are not obligued to attend every race (though being absent decreases your chances to win the title). In fact, this is just my championship where everyone can freely participate.

Here's the championship schedule:

If you're still interested, read further.


1. Amateur Armaroli Racing Open Challenge (AAROC) is an rFactor open-wheeler racing league based on the awesome Reiza Formula Armaroli mod, which is really light-weight, easy to install and use. You should install at least:
  • Reiza Formula Armaroli Mod
  • A certain pack of Armaroli skins (links are going to be posted soon)
  • Tracks listed in schedule above (most of them are built into rfactor distributives)

2. To participate, you shouldn't register: in fact you just have to show up at the proper time on the racing server set by me. Caution: I am situated in Russian Federation, which might theoretically cause small issues.

3. Racing weekend consists of:
  • Two testing days: Friday and Saturday (not really essencial to attend)
  • Qualifying and Race (7 laps): Sunday

4. To take part in a weekend you should:
I) Get a proper name-like nickname (either a real name o pseudonyme, as mine is)
II) Connect the server (connecting details announced here before sessions)
III) Enjoy!

5. The only helpers available are:
  • Stability control (low or medium)
  • Traction control (low medium or high)
  • Auto Clutch.

6. The point system is following:
  • 1 place - 9 pts
  • 2 place -7 pts
  • 3 place -5 pts
  • 4 place -3 pts
  • 5 place -2 pts
  • 6 place -1 pt.

7. If any keyboard users participate, the steering wheel users are recommended to increase their fuel by a certain amount to make things slightly more fair. They are not obligued, though, but it's a matter of being polite to others.

I am new to creating leagues, so I will be happy to see your support. If you are interested to participate, just write here (you are not obligued though). Questions are welcome.


For more information:

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