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Originally Posted by alex291190 View Post
Durge - Admittedly Codemasters have not had the greatest of reputations within the 'sim' area.. but does that mean they absolutely cannot do a reasonably decent rally game?
No I do not think so.

Dirt may have been arcade but who cared when you had Monsters and Pikes Peak Dirt Sections.

pCARS could easy do that as a DLC, or project, whatever.

I would pay 30EU for Pikes, Isle and Dundrod on their lonesome.
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Originally Posted by DurgeDriven View Post
I would pay 30EU for Pikes, Isle and Dundrod on their lonesome.
Hell yes, so would I
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I have dirt3 and I enjoy it. I liked the layout of menus in dirt 2 better though. The little paddock type deal was pretty cool. They probably could have left the Gykanna crap out of 3 though. I have a 4870 and while not the best card. It still looks very good. And I have no complaints in the graphics department.
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