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Unread 8 April 12, 17:19   #1
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Thumbs down T500 RS double downshifting

This very expensive controller is now double clicking the right paddle (what I use to downshift). This is very bad as going from 3rd to 1st usually means spin-city. In rFactor2 I can set it up to detect a double shift, but in Race 07 I can't. It does it in the controller testing page and in-game too.

Is this a known problem, is there a work around or is this a RMA'able offense?
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Unread 11 April 12, 04:53   #2
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I had the same problem last week. In my case it started after I had switched back to the GT rim (and the built in paddle shift) after using the F1 rim (which has its own paddle shifter). At some point the left paddle shift stopped shifting entirely.

As I did with mine, you might want to simply shift back and forth for a few seconds to clean the contact. If that doesn't work, you might want to try some sprayable contact cleaner.
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Unread 11 April 12, 07:56   #3
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Mine also does this. I hardly ever use the paddles, but I can assure you it only gets worse. Contact the shop now and have it repaired.
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Unread 11 April 12, 11:21   #4
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I did contact Thrustmaster and they gave me a few steps to try and cure it. They also said they can send me a new shifter unit. I took it apart like they said to do and there are no pinched wires or anything. I reversed the two wires so if it is electrical at least it will double click on upshifts, not downshifts.

I'm still evaluating if their fix (taking it apart and checking it over) worked.
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Unread 11 April 12, 11:52   #5
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Just want you to know I feel for ya all.

( like buying a cheap arsed Carrera and having the time of my life after years of Logi black crap )

Hope they fix this "proper" for you all.
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Unread 11 April 12, 12:45   #6
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This really is a disgrace for a wheel this expensive. Trustmaster should feel this in their wallets, not you!
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Unread 16 April 12, 14:13   #7
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I had this happen and fortunately, for me, all I had to do is spray some contact cleaner into that area (did not disassemble) and that solved it.
It was quite severe at the time I had the issue, no possible way of shifting one gear at a time. I was happy mine was so easily repairable. Hope yours is too.
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Unread 16 April 12, 18:02   #8
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Location: Tampa, FL
Age: 47

Thrustmaster is handling this really well. I told them what's up with the problem- it occasionally double upshifts now that I reversed the wires (which is manageable at least) but much less than it did before.

They are sending me out a new shifter unit. It seems this is a problem with the contact.
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Unread 23 May 12, 17:17   #9
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Gotta compare this with Logitech customer service.

I had exactly the same problem with a within warrantee G27 and they replaced with a complete new quibble. They didn't even want the old one back and the replacement was with me 2 days later. Now that's what I call customer service!
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Unread 24 May 12, 03:13   #10
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Yeah I haven't heard a bad word about logitech, their service is always perfect
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Unread 1 July 12, 18:36   #11
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Location: USA

Just a update to my April post. Here it is July 1st and my left paddle started double shifting once again. This time the contact cleaner has not solved the issue.
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Unread 3 July 12, 11:26   #12
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Sorry if it's somehow unrelated but, I thought leaving this bit of info could bring more ideas for you T500RS owners, on how to solve your problem with 2x downshift with the paddles...

On the Logitech DFP, ever since its release in 2004/05, it's common to get this exact same issue, though more often with the sequential-shifter than with the paddles (different components, but same mechanical principle).

What happens is that the "clicking" timings on the button/shifter/paddle are received, or perceived, too instantly, too quick, almost as "spiking" (not sure it makes sense).
The solution for the Logitech DFP is to assign a key to the shifter (or paddle) by setting a new command, in the Logitech Profiler software, in a specific game profile, where the key/button "press-release" timing is set between 0.2 and 0.4 seconds.

I'm not sure that the Thrustmaster equivalent software can do this too but, with the Logitech profiler software this is done in the following steps:

The following example/guide is for the Logitech DFP "stick shifter forward" (for downshifts) but notice that this can also be done for the "stick shifter backward" (for upshifts) and/or for each of the two paddles, if you wish. You just have to reassign a different key for the command, for each of these.

So, here we go:

1 - Open Logitech profiler

2 - Create a game profile (click "Profile", then "new", browse to the specific game executable, and give a name to this new profile).

3 - You'll now see a picture of the wheel with all buttons, paddles and stick-shifter.
This "fix" works for any of its buttons, paddles, stick-shifter, even pedals.
Just to illustrate this for an example in the DFP, we'll use the "stick shifter forward" (generally used for downshift).

3.1 - Now mouse over and LMB click the "stick shifter forward", a little menu pops up.
Now select the option "Select Command", then "New Command".

3.2 - A new window pops up... you'll now have to assign a key and a name for the new command.
We'll use the key "M" just for this example. So, for the name, you can put "M" (without the quote marks), same as the key you'll be selecting. Though you may put whatever name you wish ("downshift", etc, etc).

3.3 - Now click in "options" and put a check on the "record pauses", and click "OK" (this is so you can see how long it takes, in seconds, to press and release the key/button).

3.4 - Now, click "Record", and press then release the desired key in your keyboard (for this example it's "M").
You'll want your "press and release" exercise to be between 0.2 and 0.4 seconds (no more, no less).
After this is done, click "OK".

3.5 - All you have to do now is to re-run the game for which you've set the new Logitech profile, and reassign the downshift command again (in that specific game options).

You'll see that, in game, while reassigning your stick-shifter-forward for the downshift, that it is now recognized as "M".
The end result... no more double-downshifts issues, just smooth and precise downshifts!

(click image to enlarge it)

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Unread 25 August 12, 13:59   #13
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After contacting Thrustmaster I got an immediate reply. They asked a few questions, verified the issue and sent me new paddle shifters. Very timely emails and parts were here quickly. Such a relief to get good customer service!
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Unread 10 November 12, 14:55   #14
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Brilliant DucFreak, I just reinstalled GTR2 and had this issue. A quick search here and the solution works perfectly. Thank you!
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Unread 18 March 13, 20:22   #15
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Just found this thread, I currently do not have this double shifting issue very happy with my wheel, but I would like to see what these switches look like as I would like to solder some leads off of these switches to piggy pack to a sequential shifter(aka arcade joystick). I have the TH8RS set up for H pattern but do not want to go through the process of converting it. Just an idea I had as I had a Xbox 360 wheel with no paddles and I did the same thing and works like a charm.
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