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Unread 16 April 12, 06:15   #1
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Default Driver: San Franciso Update

Well I bought Driver: San Franciso on Steam the other day. I saw we have a thread on it already but that was before the posters had a hands on.

Pros: Looks fantastic, real car models, sounds are good, the city you drive in is top notch, the out of body shifting is actually pretty cool, some cool missions that duplicate classic movie car chases of the past, did I mention the city looks fantastic?, replay and video editing, multiple driving views and many aspects of the original game if you were into it.

Cons: Sim racing physics are not to be found here, repetitive voice overs, controller options and flexibility suck the big one (more on that in a sec), map is sectioned off till you complete tasks, the sidewalk pedestrians all have the moves of an NFL running back no matter how fast you blast down the sidewalk (that might belong in the pros), cops always have that boost to catch up or cut you off a-la-NFS, AI racers do their best to wreck you right when the finish line is in sight.

I am sure there are more good and bad aspects to the game but I have only had it three days. If the game were pure garbage I would not have even started this thread. You can find it on Steam for just shy of 30 bucks. The youtube videos and boredom drove me to make the purchase.
Now the biggest issue that was the "make or break it" of this game, the controller options/limitations. Designed for keyboard, x-box controller or wheel (what wheel I don't know but I was not going to break out my Logitec G25 for this game) and that's it.

For casual gaming I use a Logitech Duel Action game pad. For me it works great in most of the sims I play. This game however said no go. I was very disappointed. Still resistant to breaking out the G25, Google led me to a download that fooled the game into thinking my pad was an x-box controller. That combined with awesome Logitech configuring software I was able to get car control to a level of acceptability. E-brake power slides and over the top jumps have kept me coming back for more.

If you can master controller manipulation this game may be worth dropping Friday night pizza and beer money on. iRacing and GTL it aint, NFS Hot Pursuit with a story line and heavy eye candy about nails it.

Here is the video that lured me into getting it.

BTW, that guy has some more sweet videos if you have time.

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Looks amazing...
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This game give so much fun, no matter what controller you using, all those powerslides, cars, this music, and the rest You cant expect some sims elements in it, but as a arcade is one of the best games since about 2 years ^^
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You can learn to drive with arcade:

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^ Driver: Japan?
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Lower Level
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I LOVE this game!! As a fan of the original Driver, it really has the same feel and addiction level. As for the pedestrians, watch the original Gone in 60 Seconds and you'll see they really give the feel of the old stunt movies where somehow people managed to dive out ogf the way just in time!!
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Unread 17 July 12, 01:50   #7
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I agree - I too bought it on Steam for $10 a month ago (daily deal). Powerslides, handbrake turns and insane jumps are what it's all about. If you love cars you have to get this game.

I also have my Logi Dual action configured as an xbox controller. I played it so much I finished the story mode in 3 days.

My 6 year old son loves this game. His favorite trick is to drive a semi into oncoming traffic.... (guess you can't do that with hotwheels!)

I love the wangan style race against the Pagani Cinque - You'll need a Mclaren f1 to win.
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Unread 22 July 12, 18:22   #8
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Started playing this game 2 days ago because I was a little bit bored with Shift 2 after over 5 months of playing it and I'm addicted now Reminds me this feeling when I play original Driver years ago
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Unread 23 July 12, 03:28   #9
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Got it from the steam sale a few days ago. Its alright. Wish you could actually use manual shift. Had I known it was automatic I might have passed. Graphics are ok, but the story is pretty stupid. Also a lot of SF is hugely exaggerated. The physics are very arcade like. Wish it handle a bit more like Grid or Dirt 3.

Anyway it was cheap. I wouldnt pay more than 5 bucks for it. But its fun diversion for a few minutes.
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