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Question DiRT Showdown Demo

Hey guys,

I was wondering where the Demo of Dirt Showdown is, it was announced for today but it is not in the steam shop yet Does anyone know why this is or anyone already has it somehow? For Xbox its available and PS3 tomorrow for Europe, but what about PC Version?


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Save your bandwidth

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It's on Steam since last night and isn't all that bad though. If you're sim purist then skip it, but if you like smashing for fun then it's alright despite it looks like a copy of Flatout with Autolog.
Flatout style gameplay with Codies handling + arcade spliced up is something can get used to easily. Anyway I have more fun than Ridge Racer Unbounded.

I haven't tried it with steering wheel yet and probably never will, it's just not necessary.
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I downloaded yesterday, it was fun for what it was, but it was way too short to formulate any kind of real opinion.

I can't imagine spending $50 on it but when I see some sort of good Steam sale, I'll probably pick it up.
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Just found out this game wont have cockpit view for any car (pc version cameras can be hacked like always but for consoles this is gonna suck) and also no manual transmission in any game mode.
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No cockpit view that is no good.
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