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Unread 15 February 17, 23:07   #1
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Default Another kick in the guts for DownUnder


We been price gouged forever.

People say a CPU is $100 dearer here because it costs more to fly from Asia to Australia then USA, what a load of crap.

Today Parliament introduced a new Bill to abolish the $1,000 threshold for goods brought overseas and apply GST of 10% to the lot.

So for instance from July 2017 a Derek Speare Designs order under a $1,000 will now cost you 10% more.
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Unread 16 February 17, 06:17   #2
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Perhaps it is economics of scale. You get 100 parts air-freighted to Oz-Land. We get 100,000 parts shipped to the USA...with .... most likely.....some sweet shipping deal due to the size of the shipments.
As far as added taxes...Once one tax is passed, it is only a matter of time til another.

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The big companies use Asian sourced product but say they have to pay US prices, therefore don't make any profit here and pay no tax...... too easy

stores pay massive rents in Australia. Thats why they go out of business, not because of under $1000 GST free imports.
It's costing the AUS gov more to process the tax than it will get you can be sure another new tax will come and cover that gap .

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