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Default Change Mod Pacecar

Hi guys,

Real easy one I think, I have the "Safetycar = Hammer_PC.veh" line in the rFm file and I have copied the Hammer_PC into the mod vehicles folder but every time I load the game, an Aston Martin GT3 car loads as the pacecar.

Any help?

Mod link:!AtBLDmeWaSES9VGTjFXdqZhniC5Q



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That car/folder Hammer_PC you shall have in this folder GameData\Vehicles\PaceCar

in the rfm file add SafetyCar = Hammer_PC.veh

that wec rfm shall load hammer maybe you have many other mods installed in same rfactor folder ?

when u start the game klick on the mod you wanna play first

remember that when close rfactor take and load the mod before close rfactor that you wanna start with when u start rfactor next time

if u have a Aston Martin GT3 as pace car with tha rfm file that wec comes with it seems to collide with another mod you have installed
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