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Default Gtr 2 and AC

I'm wondering which sim is more realistic because in GTR 2 I can make pretty good lap times and in AC i barely can stay on track. I don't use any AIDS ofcourse but how could that be. Maybe Gtr 2 is more arcade one... I thinking off what would be if i will sit in real car, it is closer to gtr psyhics or AC. What do you thiong aboit it.
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AC you have to warm the tyre core up and it takes 2 to 3 laps, even if you start on warm tyres. Tyre pressures need adjusting down as well, GT3 usually around 24-27 psi cold so your hot temp will climb to 30-32psi .

How to set up suspension settings in Assetto Corsa

In AC your cars setting adjustments are on the left in the drop down columns i.e Fuel, Tyres, Wings, Alignment tabs . They are just numbers and not the cars actual suspension settings like in GTR2 and most older sims.

The cars actual suspension as it sits on the road is on right in the foreground window. Thats the setting window you want to look at when you make your adjustments to the numbers in the drop down box's.

Hopefully that will feel better to drive for you and keeps you on the road . For me at most tracks gears, toe, tyres and wing adjustments are mostly all that is needed.

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I prefer Gtr2 over AC by a huge margin. Do not even have AC installed at the moment but will get it installed again over the weekend due to the VR experience.

I too lap better in Gtr2 than I did in AC. I feel it is because Gtr2 is more predictable and the face I have likely used Gtr2 x100 more than AC
Got a hard time finding the race line in AC and do not feel when I get on the edge of losing the grip.
Guess I am not setup correctly in AC as lots of people like it.
For me in AC I lose the grip and then the wheel slowly in a very damped way tells me I am losing grip! Kind of hoped I could get it to tell me before hand like most other sims do?
Pistoncup will try your advice when I get AC installed again.
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