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Default Hosting a Race

Hi All

Do I need to use specific tracks when hosting? And are there mods that are better for hosting than others?
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Nope every mod or track is ok and is it for friends you host they must have same files cars and tracks as u have on server

Or is it a public server that everone can join is it best to use the cars and tracks that comes with the game
when people join you server and NOT have same cars and tracks that you host they get missmatch and get kicked out from the server aoutomatic

Popular mod and that have many drivers is Megane it is a standalone car extra car and then host with orginal tracks

BROS is a online public server that have many drivers and custom tracks on bros website too download

Servers has a MOTD where they write information of websites that u can see in the lobby list even on pw servers can that info be written and read
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