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Pete Conway
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Default Adverts!

Adverts... yes, that dirty word that all browsing users hate, but they can be useful on the right site.
At the risk of getting a punch in the face have you (Web-Boss) though of approaching a tailored 'Gaming Accessory' company for some consideration on a monthly basis in exchange for access to your 300,000 members... who are undoubtedly in need of various bits and pieces and replacements for their tired hardware on a fairly regular basis? (No I don't mean selling the database) simply placing one or two relevant ads or a 'Sponsored by'
The benefit to the sales company would be a dedicated market and the benefit to the users would be a shop that would be wise to look after a close community market all while bringing in a few bob to help pay for the No Grip site!

What do you think?

No, put the torches and pitchforks down
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I think the idea is not bad but the "annoyance threshold" with ads can vary a lot between individuals.

While I may find advertising as interesting to look at in something futuristic like the BladeRunner movie, IRL I absolutely hate to see any advertising wherever I roam in the internet.

I use browser extensions to block any ads, and I don't get a single ad in this place, or in most places in the interweb for that matter. Just the way I like it.
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Pete Conway
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Whoops! I never take Adblocker off so I didn't even realise that No Grip even had ads and banners...
Still, no reason why Fanatec can't increase their profile by offering free goodies for No Grip competitions... or even sponsor a Championship!

*I have now allowed ads on No Grip
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