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Unread 13 September 14, 02:18   #1
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Default GTR2 transmission: is 7 gears the max?

I've been 'playing' with modding up the Dodge SRT Hellcat Challenger. I've got an engine file and and now I'm working on the tranmission. One of the Hellcats's transmissions is an 8 speed Automatic. I found the gear ratios online and whipped up a quick gearbox. From what I've seen in a few tests, the 8th gear is non-functional. I can shift up to 7th gear and the car pulls through each gear, but when I shift up to 8th, the car begins to coast. The display will show 8 for the gear but there is no drive until I shift back down to 7th.
Anyway to coax GTR2 to recognize 8th gear?
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Dave, I think if you contact Damusto - nogrip user name (Damien) he may be able to help. GTR2 originally only came with 6 available gears in the garage setup, which is found in UIData and the file he altered was the GTR2ui.mnu adding the 7th gear. You will also have to alter the .HDC Adding the extra gear lines) and .GRB files, which I am sure you already know.
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Unread 13 September 14, 13:55   #3
David Wright
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I think it was relatively straight forward to add a 7th gear to GTR2 because rFactor also supports 7 gears. However rFactor doesn't support 8 gears. Apparently Reiza have added an 8th gear to GSCE but only for the player - the AI are restricted to 7. Reiza as a developer almost certainly have more scope in changing the game engine than modders, so I suspect you are stuck with 7 gears.
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Unread 13 September 14, 14:00   #4
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ISI added an 8th gear in the special Lexus IS-F demo that was based on rFactor 1, but that change never made it back into rF1 itself. It's a game engine change rather than anything we can mod, sadly.
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Unread 14 September 14, 02:47   #5
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For comparision, I've found two other cars, a Ford and a Chevy, Weights vary and the tires make it difficult to run side by side. But with some effort, I might get the three marques competitive against each other.
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Unread 30 October 17, 14:38   #6
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Default Can Somebody please help in building 8th gear?

Hello everyone:

Since the 8-speed transmission has become more n' more common recently. (such as F1, Lexus IS-F, Jaguar sedan, Range Rover) Can somebody please help in making 8-speed gearbox for GTR2? It's still an adorable game that certain amount of people are still playing it. Very appreciate for any ideas : )
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Unread 12 November 17, 01:10   #7
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we already have a F1 mod with 8 gears at F1-classic
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Unread 12 November 17, 10:47   #8
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That's a fake 8th gear in the f1 mod, the car goes from neutral to second ^^
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Unread 13 November 17, 09:41   #9
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I have recently made many tests (forgot to remove 8th gear entry in 10th anniv. 8.1 menu ^^ ) and I did not manage to make it work properly, indeed we can add 8th gear in hdc file but :
- only available for player as AI will be stuck on starting grid
- UI can only handle 7 gears so we cannot modify this 8th gear in menu but only inside hdc/grb
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