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Default 66 can am mod problem.

Just installed 66 can am mod and my cars do not have any numbers. What did i forget to do?
i have GEM+ 2.5.32.
Dont see what version of 67 mod i have updated too but ran the 1.3 patch and all seemed to go well.

Also it said remove 67 .exe from main folder and start GPL with GEM+ which then asks for the 67 gpl file that has the .exe I just removed. I can not get gem+ to rebuild the .exe.
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You need the default patched gpl.exe in place, you can delete any other mod exe files; when you run GEM+ it will create the exe files for any installed mods (it does this by copying the default exe, renaming it appropriately, and editing it according to instructions in the xml files for the mod). If you update a mod you should delete its exe so GEM will rebuild it. (And occasionally, for no reason I can see, GEM will rebuild one, some, or all the exe files when you start it.)

I haven't installed the '66 Canam mod (yet), but for some mods there are individual graphics for some cars which appeared in different liveries or with different numbers at different tracks; these mods add data to the tracks so the cars appear properly for each race. Have you tried the cars at different tracks? (The '67 Historic mod is so convoluted in this respect that it takes seven different exe files to get the proper car/engine/driver/livery combinations for just the one season.)
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