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Unread 10 March 18, 16:41   #1
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Default Problem Solving : GTR2 Track build ... Help.

I've built three tracks for GTR2 and this is my first track where i've got as far as actually doing laps in the game.

First problem. BTB has a limited export size so Track base built in BTB. Developed in 3DSimED. I then 'packed' all the objects into the GTR file created by BTB using GTEditor. The developed track opened in 3DsimEd was then saved as the original BTB created 3Ds Object.

In game, when i access the track i'm only getting the original BTB generated base track a flat barren landscape with just track, terrain, curbs only... ( no trackside objects, no pitwall, pits, grandstands etc built in 3DsimEd and packed into the GTR by GTEditor )

Second Problem. On some corners the car is dropping off the track just putting a wheel off track and the car 'sinks' about a foot into terrain and gets stuck as if on a cliff edge. When it spins off then the wheels are sunken into the terrain by about 6-8" and the car will spin uncontrollably on the terrain as if zero friction/grip/resistance. There seems to be a disparity between the track edge and the terrain although all terrains were anchored to the track.

Third Problem. I set curbs using walls, custom created cross section shape so they'd have a bit of a curve, slight gradeiand up to about 5" in midcenter height, curbs are about 2feet wide with a slope toward the infield. I wanted them to be significant ( i.e you could ride the curb a bit but know there was a curb, but not brutal.) Used curb/rumble texture. Properties set to driveable true with collide false. However, clipping the curbs jolts the cars completely offline or launches it off track.

Fourth Problem. Sometimes even though i'm using the original BTB created GTR the track does not show up in the in game track menu. I understand ( thanks Pizzaman) that the BTB GTR creates mapping which is not created by 3DsimEd, so i don't use the 3Dsimed GTR, i only pack the object data into the original BTB GTR...

Help and advice greatly appreciated.
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I'm really at a loss to understand this.... if a BTB generated GTR shows up in game track menu, and all you do is pack new objects into it, WHY does it no longer show up in game track menu?

What am i doing wrong?

Help please.
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All objects should be named in the TRK file.

1. BTB exports the TRK file - with all the items. You need to cut + paste all the items from all track files into the one final track file. Not named = no show.
2. Texture naming problem - all road files need to be named ROADA_something, all terrains also have special names. Like and such. If it is not named 'grass' it will not work.
Could also be they are not set to 'drivable' (but I think it is the first one).
3. There is a 'fake bump' in the TRK file, maybe somehow it is set to 1 meter? Try replacing by road texture. Could also be a texture naming problem (like in 2) - name needs to be (rumble being the key to make it work). Rumblea, rumbleb, something like that (not exactly sure, check original texture names).
4. Same problem as (1) really. There is a 'TEX.GTR' and an OBJECT.GTR, you need both -
same thing, if textures are missing you do not see the track or get crash to desktop.

a. Objects track + objects secenery + objects other --> add to NEWTRACK_OBJECT.GTR
b. textures track + textures scenery + textures other --> add to NEWTRACK_TEX.GTR
c. load complete track into 3DsimEd, have 3DsimEd export the TRK file --> rename TRK file.

That should do it.
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Unread 12 March 18, 22:58   #4
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Ok cool. I just sent you a PM.
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