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Default Pedals Calibration Issue T300/T3PA Thrustmaster

Cannot use brakes in GTR2 as I only get it to 30 to 40% strength!

My pedal set (regular Thrustmaster T3PA) comes with a conical brake mod that allows only limited brake pedal movement. This is fine in other (newer) racing sims like Assetto Corsa where I can set full brake to for example 30 or 40% of the regular/full brake pedal range.

In other words, the brake pedal can only be squeezed to 0 to 40% of its regular travel range but this 40% travel is supposed to be interpreted as 100% braking power in the game.

I was not able to calibrate it in GTR2!

The brake pedal almost does not get recognized as I have really press hard on it to get it to 50% range. But then GTR2 only gives me up to this 50% braking power if I stomp on it that hard in the game, so normally I only can bring it to 30 to 40% braking power.

I only found to change dead-zone (which is counter productive in my case) and did set sensitivity to 100% which still improved max braking from this 30% to 50% which is still half of what is needed.

Thanks for any hints how to configure a "half-pressed" brake pedal so that it is interpreted as being fully pressed!
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You can use DX Tweak to adjust min/max of any pedal

You can make profile and change when needed

Also DXTweak2 may be good
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can the Thrustmaster software set a pedal sensitivity profile for GTR2 ?
If so slide the brake pedal to 100% sensitivity . in GTR2 slide brake sensitivity to 100%
That should get you close to 90% brake travel in GTR2. Does with G920 with the rubber brake stop .

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DXTweak2 solved the problem for me! Thanks for your help, guys and DurgeDriven for the tip!

I had to use not the latest but an erlier version to avoid crashes when saving. Here is the link: v4-30-229-1506

In case someone has the same issue, here the setting I had to figure out:

On Y axis (my brake pedal) the setting are for Min/Cen/Max:
Regular 0/512/1023 -> to be changed to 768/896/1023

So the Min setting does the trick, I believe as Y works inverted (a non-pressed pedal returns 100% and fully-pressed 0% in Windows). The Min 768 works in my case, i.e. how I have set the brake mod (=short pedal way) and the Cen is then just to be set in the middle (if one wants a linear behavior).

P.S.: I consider keeping the change permanently, i.e. also for Assetto Corsa and PC2 etc., as in this case they read the pedal now also 0% to 100% and need no individual in game settings. So if I play around with how to set the brake mod, I only have to adjust it in DXTweak (hopefully).
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