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Default Car stability (AI)

One problem I struggle with is the stability of certain cars on certain tracks. Not me, but the AI.

Some cars are as steadfast as a goat, however others only need the slightest bit of encouragement and the back end goes and they gently spin into a waiting gravel trap. This usually occurs when being effected by other cars.

I play a lot of 90s GT and the Venturis, Lotus Esprits, Bugatti EB110s any RR Porsche and GMT's Porsche 911 GT1 98 are main culprits. It's not only mod cars though...the stock Maserati MC12 and 993 GT2 do it as well. Note there are no FR cars on this list. Has anybody else noticed it with the above cars?

There are certain corners these cars do it too. The first corner at Goodwood is now called 'Venturi Park' for me. Somewhere around Maggots and Beckets at Silverstone is horrendous for backward facing 911 GT1s.....Paddock Hill Bend of Brands Hatch is an avid car collector too. He seems to love Lotus cars, which hail from not too far away. The worst though is Sears Point. 6 is a collector who specializes in Maserati's (but will take others) 10 though is the collector of collectors. He'll turn a 1995 BPR race into a farce within a couple of minutes. However it's not just added tracks. The old hairpin at Donington collects all the above cars too!

Do others find this with the AI cars? It usually happens when they have to brake or adjust themselves due to being around other cars? How do you fix it? Torquestab values? Downforce? Grip? The latter 2 affect the cars general performance too.

Advice and shared stories wanted.

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Torquestab makes a big difference in how well the AI cars handle themselves after contact, and stability in general. But I actually think the default values are already generally too high, because that value is the reason that AI/player contact always results in the player spinning and the AI continuing with no ill effect. (Lowering it much tends to make them have trouble staying in a straight line into and out of corners though)

But there is something else about certain mod tracks that causes issues like this and I haven't figured it out either. Modding tracks is like black magic to me, but it looks like certain kinds of camber, bumps, crests, etc cause the simplified AI physics to lose control at speeds they shouldn't and the only way to "fix" this is an AIW path that slows them down through there. But that doesn't make good racing either
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The issue can be solved by simply increasing the REAR AIGripMult value found in the .tyr files. Note that this has to be done for ALL tyre compounds in the file (including wet weather tyres) to have effect. Since this will also make the AI to perform faster lap times, you'll need to decrease the CorneringAdd and CorneringMult values found in the .rcd files to get them back to authentic speed.
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Start with editing hdc files and moving brake balance to the front. AI in GTR2 doesn't adjust braking power - it just goes full braking or nothing, what may cause spins when it starts to brake when turning. This should solve some of the problems.
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