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Default New virus?

Hi experts, I've got a virus when I click on a thread on this site and others, it redirects me to a ransomeware or java ect. page. I've run malewarebytes and it comes up nothing, all clean! Any suggestions? Thanks.
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Scanned with every antivirus, antimalware etc., nothing. No virus on my comp. Used iobit adblocker, all is fine but, I haven't needed it for years so something's up.
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I experienced something similar years ago. Look through your installed programmes in the Control Centre of Windows and if you see something strange uninstall it. I had pop-up when I hit highlighted words in long texts.
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If you cant find the reason(hidden prg) then at least you can prevent the redirection by including the adress in Windows Hosts file.
Pretty easy
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Try using FRST64, then attach a log here. Then run HitmanPro and see if it turns up anything suspicious.
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Always so many viruses out there :/ Hard to know how to defend yourself!
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A small tips if you're running on Windows OS.

For a starter, open Task Manager and hit the process tab. See the running programs list and, if there is a program (or more) that you do not know (and moreover, you do not trust), google for the program's information. If it is a kind of malware, do not kill it. Right click on it and hit "Open File Location" , and then write the exe file's address bar on a notepad, or on a book, wherever. You can delete that virus when running the Windows on safe mode.

I did this when my old computer was infected with a certain virus tht gave me a painful headache. If you try to kill it, BSOD happens. If you try to remove it via anti virus, BSOD happens. If you try to shut down your computer, BSOD happens. In the end, I took off the battery of my computer (a laptop, hehe) and turn it on on safe mode.
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