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Unread 17 February 14, 18:01   #101
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WTCC 2011 2.0 Race on Driving Italia work
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Unread 9 May 14, 16:27   #102
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Thank you for the great job guys ! Very very good mod !!
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Unread 22 October 14, 14:11   #103
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thank you,all of you,but i have download WTCC 2012 - 2013 Mod v1.1 and every thing work perfect eccepst sound engine (only Chevrolet Cruze work),so please what's the problem?
now i see version 1.01,so must i install it first and then unzip version 1.1?this 1.1 (172 MB ) file size and the 1.01 (157 MB ),i dont understand.please.
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Unread 15 December 15, 04:44   #104
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Sorry to resurrect and old thread but I have a problem with starting a 2012 championship.When I click next to go to the car selection menu I get a game crash with the minidump dialog box. Here is the contents of the trace file:

NetComm.cpp 9987 - 0.227s: NetComm checking command line: "-trace=1000 -trace=1000"
game.cpp 1273 - 0.227s: Entered Game::Enter()
osman.cpp 637 - 0.230s: Entered OSMan::Enter()
vidman.cpp 957 - 3.044s: Entered VidMan::Enter()
specialfx.cp 4062 - 5.347s: Entered SpecialFX::Enter()
dynman.cpp 663 - 5.348s: Entered DynMan::Enter()
plrfile.cpp 4225 - 5.404s: Entered PlayerFile::Enter()
sound.cpp 792 - 5.724s: Entered Sound::Enter()
hwinput.cpp 6192 - 5.982s: Entered HWInput::Enter()
onscreen.cpp 2364 - 5.985s: Entered OnScreen::Enter()
game.cpp 1473 - 6.003s: Entered Game::Setup()
hwinput.cpp 6209 - 6.003s: Entered HWInput::Setup()
options.cpp 1833 - 6.499s: Entered Options::Setup()
tire_manager 1175 - 8.564s: Non-existent tire brand ""
tire_manager 1175 - 8.565s: Non-existent tire brand ""
tire_manager 1175 - 8.923s: Non-existent tire brand ""
tire_manager 1175 - 8.923s: Non-existent tire brand ""

A 2013 season however works fine. Also is there a way to practice with the 2012 cars or is it only 2013 for practice mode?
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Unread 5 April 16, 17:06   #105
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I have problem with Lada, no engine sound ? how to fix this, please help me, i just want engine sound for Lada, this car is my favorite
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