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Exclamation PnG/GTR2 file locations (player profiles, etc) and other notes

Bits & Pieces

If you use your Vista, Win7 or Win8 with UAC disabled (=User Access Control), your GTR2 will act like it was in a XP system !!

If you start your GTR2/PnG with "Run as Administrator" option, your game will also act like in a XP system !!


Here's a simple study in XLS form (here from DropBox), which shows how different paths change with different OS types and user levels.


About different CONFIG.INIs:
If you run PnG Launcher / GTR2.exe normally with Vista or newer (without "Run as Administrator" or such), the GTR2 engine will use the CONFIG.INI in MyDocuments' GTR2 folder (which I often shortcut as: [MyDocs]\GTR2).

BUT if you run PnG Launcher / GTR2.exe in XP or with "Run as Administrator" (OR UAC is disabled), the GTR2 engine will use the CONFIG.INI from your PnG installation folder (which I often shortcut as: [PNG]).

You know you're looking at the correct CONFIG.INI, if it's time stamp changes every time you start your game. GTR2 will "touch" it every time.

Please note that using elevated admin powers may result in using "the other CONFIG.INI" instead of the "normal user CONFIG.INI".


XP (also Vista & newers when UAC disabled or run with "Run as Admin.."):

Example: C:\Program Files\PNG3\UserData\aSa\

Vista & newers (UAC enabled, normal start):

Here [PNG] is the path to your PnG installation without the drive letter and root char (like without "C:\").

[profile] is your player profile name

Example of my profile path for Win7 x64 English: C:\Users\aSa\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\PnG3\UserData\aSa\


Sometimes an invalid car or track definition may stop you from starting PnG/GTR2 correctly. Then you need to do this (this is not harmfull procedure if done properly):

XP (or others when UAC is disabled, or started as Admin):
Open your profile from "[PNG]\UserData\[profilename]\[profilename].PLR", where [PNG] means your PnG installation folder, like "C:\Program Files\PnG3". [profilename] is your profilename.

Vista & newer (UAC enabled, normal user start):
Open your profile from "%LOCALAPPDATA%\VirtualStore\[PNG]\UserData\[profilename]\[profilename].PLR", where [PNG] means your PnG installation folder without drive letter part and root char, like "Program Files\PnG3". [profilename] is your player name.

Example for Win7 x64 English: C:\Users\aSa\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\PnG3\UserData\aSa\

Edit only these lines listed below to empty ones (as they are in my example), leave the rest of the file intact.

Track File=""
Track Description=""
AI Database File=""

Profile Vehicle File=""
Vehicle File=""
Reserved Vehicle File=""
Driver Name=""
Starting Driver="0"
AI Controls Driver #2="1"


Settings are under your profile (see PROFILES LOCATION above) in a "Settings" folder.

If you put settings directly in the main "Settings" folder they will be available for all tracks (like global settings). Settings under tracknames (=subfolders) are private to that track only.

Example (XP or RunAsAdmin or UAC disabled): C:\Program Files\PNG3\UserData\aSa\Settings\Machwerk67\

Example (Vista or newer, UAC enabled, normal user startup): C:\Users\aSa\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\PnG3\UserData\aSa\Settings\Machwerk67\


you have it in your [PNG]\UserData\LOG folder.

Vista and newers:
If you have UAC enabled then your logs are under [MyDocs]\GTR2\UserData\LOG

If you have disabled UAC, your log is in [PNG]\UserData\LOG (same as in Win XP)

Note that you can change the default LOG folder in CONFIG.INI / LOGDIR=


First check from correct CONFIG.INI where the current replay folder (REPLAYDIR=) or timetrial folder (TIMETRIALDIR=) is.

Remember the correct CONFIG.INI will change its file date every time you start your game.


NOTE: when you use the option "Skip Outlap" with TimeTrials, you can't change tyre pressures. They will be *hard coded* to 200 kPa which is way too little for some of the oldies. (The tyre pressure changes made in the garage will not work in this game mode).

I have done a highly experimental hack tool to change the default tyre pressure. You need to remember to "patch" the wanted tyre pressure AFTER you have started your GTR2/PnG.

The old tool thread is here.


If you are having problems with re-registering your PnG (when going online), you may have missed the firewall popup. Here's a small script that should open it for PnG.

Please let me know of any errors here so I can fix them.

cheers.. aSa C[_]

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