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Default Making single-car weekend - car names?

Hi fellas!

I want to make a single-car weekend! So i checked out the .gdb for the 60s Gr2:

  gr2_Abrth_1000tc = Abarth 1000TC Gr2
  Alf_rm_jr = Alfa Romeo 1300 GTA Junior
  Alf_rm_GTA = Alfa Romeo GTA
  Frd_crtn_gt = Ford Cortina GT
  frd_mstng_gr2_BSCC = Ford Mustang BSCC Gr2
  frd_mstng_trnsam = Ford Mustang TransAm	
  Jgr_MKI_34 = Jaguar MK I 3.4L
  Jgr_MKII_38 = Jaguar MK II 3.8L
  Jgr_MKII_42 = Jaguar MK II 4.2L
  lotus_cortina = Lotus Cortina
  mn_cper_1275s = Mini Cooper 1275S Gr2
  mn_cper_970S = Mini Cooper 970S Gr2
Where in the world are those "car names" located?? "Alf_rm_GTA" for instance? I've been inside every document openable to search for them with Notepad ++, cant find those names anywhere?

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In the car files mate.


Drive: \GTR2 PNG\GameData\Teams\Power&Glory\60's Touring\Alfa Romeo GTA\6755G

Open 6755g_tc60_alfagta.CAR in notepad

Scroll down to "classes= " ( usually last to second last line)

Engine="Alfa Romeo 1600 Twin Spark"
classes="TC60,Alf_rm_GTA, Gr2, PG1967"

Make your own class like SCW_Alf_rm_GTA
That will block all other skins from it

imho Best way is to use JSGME to make *CAR file packs.
Then you can activate ( swap ) 36 cars from the default classes= to your own.
One click install and restore without editing any default files.

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