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Attila Domjan
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Default RACE 07 WTCC Tournament at RPM

Hi racers,

Still the game release is just on the far horizon, at RPM we already preparing a tournament for it, with almost 100 pre-sign ups already!
You can read more about it and sign up at the following link:

If you missed the actions from the first Tournament here are 2 review trailers about it, hope it gets you a mood to sign up for the next one! %2Eorg%2F

Confirmed racers so far:
001 Bram Hengeveld - Roaring Pipes Maniacs
002 JimbobQ (James Johnson)
003 hetfield2k (Michael McMullan)
004 WOOFER[RPM] (Maik Peters)
005 Area31_Tyro (Jakob de Boer)
006 xGuard (Andrea Picchi)
007 Mikkel Gram-Hansen (Mikkel Gram-Hansen)
008 WAKUWAKU[RPM] (Real Name)
009 ingo (Ingemar Petersson)
010 Scyp[RPM] (Yoeri Gijsen)
011 Eckhart von Glan (Eckhart von Glan)
012 Nano Al (Fernando de Almeida)
012 Sander Hogendoorn (Sander Hogendoorn)
013 Maximus[RPM] (Jacco Cornelissen)
014 HenY[RPM] (Henrik Stoldt)
015 GSXRjay (GSXRjay)
016 Attila Domján (Attila Domján)
017 Tel (Terry Harmer)
018 Nightwolf (Nightwolf)
019 Wido[RPM] (Wido Rosc)
020 Smak DeWahl (Gaynall Hudgins)
021 Racemaus[RPM] (Maurice Hurkmans)
022 Robbe[RPM] (Robert Wiesenmüller)
023 Gio (Gio)
024 Senor Barriga (Christopher Aponte)
025 Backo (Peter Bakus)
026 Mitchy (Mitchell Webster)
027 LuisR (Luis Rebelo)
028 A.Dinc (Ali Dinc)
029 Rataria (Ricardo Simoes)
030 Baker (Rick Baker)
031 Rami[RPM] (Rami Kaukola)
032 Ronnback (Ronnback)
033 Shivan (Dominic Finders)
034 Simon James (Simon James)
035 MrMystic[RPM] (Sven De Nys)
036 Crazydoc[BZH] (Christian Deparis)
037 Jeffsan[BZH] (Jeff Leroux)
038 uebersteuern (Frank Ewe)
039 {StigS}Memoo ({StigS}Memoo)
040 Warren (Warren Dawes)
041 Graungaard (Graungaard)
042 Zsolt Prezsnyak (Zsolt Prezsnyak)
043 Richard Johansson (Richard Johansson)
044 SAX (SAX)
045 Don christopher (Don christopher)
046 Pucko (Anders Borsen)
047 Dave Collier (Dave Collier)
048 Erik Larsson (Erik Larsson)
049 Jack_FeelsNerves (Rob Hermans)
050 Syltas Grabb (Kent Karlén)
051 TEAM SWE (Ante) (Andreas Dennerman)
052 TEAM SWE (Andy) (Andreas Fredriksson)
053 ANTTE (Anders Soponen)
054 Robert (Robert Cole)
055 Patrick Ziller (Patrick Ziller)
056 David García (David García)
057 Vicent García (Vicent García)
058 DaveyZ (????)
059 Area31_Kingspride (Dennis Linden)
060 Fabrice Bouchasson (Fabrice Bouchasson)
061 Fuze (John)
062 Graungaard (Graungaard)
063 Hazard (Hazard)
064 Rataria (Ricardo Simoes)
065 Downin (Chris Downing)
066 Mallerd (Lucas Degen)
067 Dane[BZH] (Daniel Ladouar)
068 Maxfra[BZH] (Maxence Agullo)
069 Andreas Tuebel (Andreas Tuebel)
070 Rickard[RC] (Rickard Javanainen)
071 RudiSimon (Rodolfo Simoes)
072 Zebra (Hansi Josefsson)
073 RichardSWE (Richard Trange)
074 Pimpie_93 (Kevin Ascher)
075 Siggsy (Clive Siggs)
076 Tooler (Alex Duru)
077 SJ_DaveGardner (Dave Gardner)
078 Wheel Hughes (Charles Hughes)
079 Ben797 (Ben Buitendijk)
080 Ma! (Ma!)
081 Mark (Mark Reynolds)
082 PetraGTC (PetraGTC)
083 TMO (Grant Boswell)
084 Roy Visser (Roy Visser)
085 Renaud de Munck (renaud de munck)

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