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Default Hail FK and all involved...

Holy Cow Pilots,
Ive tried to get RT running on my last machine and gave up, and tried many more times on my new 8.1 POS op/sys and finally nailed it.

Half the problem with 8.1 is that you cant split the gas/brk in cont like in xp, but with a little slight of hand and the cont/hack I got it spoofed...farging far-out.

The nofile/TT/207/Real went fine---I really don't think theres an order as long as 101 is in place, and im waking up the neighbors early with the bit-chin little Fiat 695 (Many Thanks for that little gem)

If I had a beach it would be that I cant seem to find a way to dumb down the steering...but im working on it... (EDIT)---steering gas and brake can be altered in settings/input ini---bigger # means LESS sensitive)!!!

Let me know if ive missed anything drivers---yes ive got the

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Default Hail FK...

ok in the ini file ive changed the steering to 1.5 ---to dumb it down abit---perfect...and spiced up the throttle by changing it to 0.5---which gives good fuel at low foot-pressure---perfect = for my setup, yours may vary, but its a great tweek to go along with the controller tweek...don't forget the no-streach mod by the same artist---you will see the track better cause I know your not a console chaser---don't be that guy...

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Default Brake settings

Ok...I noticed the coast effect is diminished by the brake settings---this number needs to be 20.0 or better to give a natural coast after lifting off the throttle---the actual brake will still be able to be applied and the motor winddown will not brake the car so abruptly---

im using: BrakeExponent 50.0
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