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Default Widescreen for Rally Trophy

After a night of experimenting (and a bunch of polishing), I have something new to show off:

That's right, it's widescreen support for Rally Trophy that doesn't just look like a stretched 4:3 image!


Quick install instructions:
  1. Copy the included d3d8.dll and (optionally) widescreen.ini into your Rally Trophy installation directory (next to RallyTrophy.exe).
  2. Run the included vcredist_x86.exe to install the necessary Visual C++ redistributable bits.

The source code can be found at, released under the terms of the LGPL 2.1 or later.

  • There's an optional borderless window mode. Details on what it does and how to enable it can be found in the readme.
  • Unfortunately, because of technical peculiarities of the engine*, I had to fix the distortions by decreasing the vertical field of view for widescreen resolutions in contrast to the "traditional" 4:3 ones. In other words, the wider your resolution, the bigger the part of the image that gets cut off at the top and bottom (in the Widescreen Gaming Forum's lingo, it is Vert- rather than Hor+). I find the loss is acceptable at least up to and including 16:9 resolutions. I don't know about more exotic formats like 21:9 and trying to run the game on an ultra-wide 3-monitor setup would probably be an experience similar to driving while wearing a helmet like this
  • There's an extensive image gallery (warning, image-heavy page) that has comparison shots of the same scene for different aspect ratios which should provide a clear idea of how different aspect ratios compare.
  • Menus and interface elements in general are still stretched. I think we'll live

* Basically, the game assumes a horizontal field of view (FOV) of 85 and doesn't display track-side objects that are outside of that 85 camera cone. So when the horizontal FOV is increased past 85 without the game's consent, those objects are suddenly inside the camera's view and their absence is very noticeable. As far as I can tell, changing that optimisation to consider a larger FOV would require a level of reverse engineering for which I have neither the skill set nor the motivation.

  • 1.0 (2014-05-18)
    - initial release

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Thumbs up

fk__, fk__, he's our man! If he can't do it, no one can!
awesome job, thanks for giving RT a new lease on life!

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Pavel 69
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fk, thanks for this fix!
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What can I say? Pure awesomeness! Thank you!

What next? Reset point editor for fan made tracks?
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