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Unread 12 October 07, 12:17   #1
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Default wtcc 07 setups?


Has anyone got some decent setups esp the 07 alfa. I have done some tweaking to the setup but im pretty new to this. With the alfa default set up i can lap zandevort high 1.55 to low 1.56 and after my tweaking can lap consistant at low 1.54`s with the occassional high 1.53. Now is this a decent time for that track in the alfa? AI is at Semi-Pro 97% and i can match the AI no prob but the can qualify in high 1.49 to 1.50 si im always at the back of the grid. Some pointers would be appreciated. Thanks
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Unread 16 October 07, 23:50   #2
GT Fiorano
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ican't believe how fast the Ai get so quickly from 90-95% even
it isn't tenths but full seconds difference.
I am wondering if Race06 sets will work
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Unread 17 October 07, 08:16   #3
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For some reason they always qualify quickly, you will find in race their drops by up to two or three seconds, I think you will need to get times in the mid 1.51's to low 1.52's to have a chance of winning the race.

These times are possible with the standard setup and just changing the gear ratios.
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