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Default Rally Trophy FAQ

Rally Trophy FAQ

This FAQ covers the most asked questions on the official forum.

General: RT is more resource-sensitive than most games and is therefore more touchy for little niggles in the system configuration.
If you are having trouble (including way too low FPS), first things to check:
Please download the patch v1.01 from here and install it in your RT directory.
The patch v1.01 is currently just for the english/german, french, italian, spanish and finnish version. More localised versions of the patch v1.01 will be available soon.

Before anything else, make sure you have DirectX 8.1 and that the install isn't broken (run DXDiag and have a close look at the results).

If you have VIA chipset (most of AMD users), make sure you have the latest VIA 4in1 drivers, including the AGP driver (separate install)! Go to for more info.

With overclocked computers, bring the computer speed back to it's specs. This, in some cases, includes memory timing in BIOS.

Integrated sound/video cards cause often endless trouble, try disabling them (refer to your motherboard's instructions for that).

Disable sound and see if the problem goes away. Miles Fast is usually safest (and fastest) API besides no sound at all. SB Live! cards aren't the stablest of the pack today with their drivers. We haven't seen any trouble regarding Audigy, though.

New cards, especially GF3's can be picky about AGP aperture size - if it's wrong, your video card might be running at 2/3 of it's speed. Have a look at .

With WinXP you need more memory. 128mb in the system doesn't cut it for the XP to run RT without stuttering. The more RAM you have, merrier you are.


Q: I have a GeForce 2/3 and everything is grey, what's buggered?

A: Go to your videocard properties and turn Fog Table Emulation on.

Q: Steering has strange deadzone in the middle, what is it?

A: This is the famous "steering bug", which is fixed in the patch. This bug causes a limited range "deadzone"/understeer around the very center of steering, and when the steering input (turning the wheel) crosses the deadzone range, front wheels suddenly dig into high grip and often aggressive oversteer occurs, slinging the car around. This happens in higher speeds and is most noticeable on tarmac.

Q: I can't get my FPS over (65, 70, whatever), it just stops there no matter what I do!

A: Disable VSync from your videocard properties. VSync synchronizes the frame output to your monitor's current refresh rate to prevent possible graphics "tearing".

Q: Powerslides are nearly impossible to recover or even control sometimes!

A: A logical side-effect of the steering bug (see above). Also heavily affected by the pedal's movement rate (see below). Keep in mind that in RT you don't get half-automated "tap the handbrake and do a pretty 90 or 180", you actually have to drive your car through the slide .. Very carefully.

Q: The movement rate of my pedals and the resulting input in the game doesn't match! I can press pedals (gas & brake) halfway down before the game registers their movement, and the available range is very short so I can't brake or accelerate smoothly.

A: Common generic problem, fixed in the patch. If you're using Logitech MOMO wheel & pedals, look below. Others have been able to work around the problem using DXTweak.

Q: My Logitech MOMO's pedals don't work as they should (similar to above)

A: A post from the forum (thanks Jeno!): "Some people have been complaining about deadzones in throttle. I found out that with a few adjustments from the logitech drivers game profile it got sorted out. I have finnish languge drivers so I hope that the translations are correct...

For pedals adjust from the axel properties the operating radius (or whatever the 3rd dragbar from the top, the one below the deadzone adjuster, is called in the english version). The optimal value seems to be 68-70%. I personally use 70% which leaves out a barely noticable deadzone in the full and zero throttle. If the value is bigger than 70% the deadzone starts getting fustratingly big and because it is set to 100% by default this should explain the occurance of massive deadzones reported. However do not set the value smaller than 68% because it disables full throttle and zero throttle (starts cutting down from both ends of the radius).

As for wheel, the steering wheels in RT turn only 90deg. I wanted to take full use of the 135deg of MOMO so use the same setup as with the pedals ( 70% radius) which leaves about 1-2deg deadzone in the extreme ends of the radius."

Q: My USB wheel and pedals act up sometimes at the start of the stage (or somewhere along the stage), throttle getting stuck or not responding or similar?

A: Thanks to certain USB implementations, plugging your controller into an external USB hub or into the same USB chain with other devices can cause unwanted latency in the USB datastream. This can develop choppy response with the controller axis, making them "stuck" every now and then. Try plugging your controller directly into the motherboard's USB connector.

Q: Are you planning to include any extra adjustability for the controllers in the patch?

A: Yes. Patch adds a separate controller config file.

Q: Is there a FPS counter in the game?

A: Nope. FRAPS reportedly works, but in some (rare) cases it has caused crashes or graphics corruption.

Q: I have strange lockups and crashes during the game, what's causing them?

A: Rally Trophy draws more power and resources than other games and therefore problems can surface. Plenty of possibilities:

1: First try switching sound API's, Miles Fast has been reportedly trouble-free for the majority of gamers but your mileage may vary. This applies especially to SB Live! users. Make sure you have latest Live! drivers.

2: Many GeForce users have reported Detonator 23.11's as unstable and that reverting to previous version has helped. Some have reported exactly opposite. We recommend to use Detonator v21.83 right now.

3: Make sure your AGP aperture size is high enough (128mb's and over) and the AGP multiplier is at the maximum allowed by your system. Also you can try enabling/disabling Fast Writes. Incidentally, this seems to be very system-specific since there have been few reports about having too high values for the aperture and multiplier causing problems... Experiment as necessary.

Q: I get a 'File error: BMF batch chunk failed due to illegal vertex index data/tracks/trcak1/models/stage1.bmf' or something like that, what does it mean?

A: Probably a corrupted stage- or car file, try reinstalling RT or copy the buggered files directly from the CD into their respective locations in your game directory. NOTE: Some older driver versions (especially with Radeon cards) can get confused and generate similar error.

Q: I get a lockup at the end of texture loading, what's up?

A: Most of the times this is due to videocard drivers. Detonator 23.11's can cause this, as well as some Radeon drivers (these have varied depending on the card, chipset, CPU, OS etc...). You can also try reducing resolution and/or graphics options to reduce the load on the computer.

Q: Is the US version different from the European version?

A: US version is identical to the European version, besides the different packaging.

Q: I'm not sure about which sound API I should use.

A: If you don't know what card you have, Directsound and Miles Fast are probably the safest options. If you are having trouble with choppy sound, try reducing sound channels used, make sure you have the latest soundcard drivers / software, or if all else fails, switch to Directsound / Miles Fast. Remember that 3D sound is often very resourcehungry. If your soundcard supports 64 channels, it doesn't mean you can enable 64 channels and 3D sound from the config - those 64 channels advertized on the box usually refer to 2D sound...

Q: I have a Voodoo and it just won't work! I know it's outdated but still..

A: Post from the forum regarding Banshee (thanks Rally_J!): "I had the same problem with RT using my banshee card and I am proud to report (thrilled actually) I finally got into grips with the problem.The problem seems only to arise when using the latest (and last probably) oficial 3dfx reference Banshee drivers ( or any other reference based custom set of drivers.When I installed latest Creative drivers which support only Directx7 but work fine with DX8 as it seems the problem (game crashing.unreadable characters) went away and I was free to enjoy the game.
This is quite fantastic news to all Banshee owners because support from 3dfx and all 3rd party manufacturers of the board has seized and now it's community driven.So as the norm for banshee is to use the reference drivers especially for gaming as they were thought to be superior in performence issues this is somewhat at odds and quite extraordinary news."

For Voodoo 3, use the latest reference drivers (1.07.00) as they have been reported working OK.

For Voodoo 4/5, turn off Geometry Assist

Download Links for Voodoo drivers: - -

Q: In the hotseat racing mode (2 or more players racing on the same computer) the other driver can't finish, game just gives an option to return to the menu??

A: Fixed in the patch.

Q: CD key sticker is missing or isn't accepted by the game!

A: If Rally Trophy does not accept your CD key or the CD key is missing please send an email to: Please include where you from and where you purchased the game. Same applies to missing CD keys. If the sticker seems all valid and correct, make sure you have written it correctly - it's easy to mistake 1 for l and vice versa. Again, if you are sure you wrote it right and it's not from the faulty batch, email the address above with relevant information. When you get prompted for CD key type in as follow: xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx

Q: Can others use my RT CD in LAN multiplayer racing?

A: 2 computers can share the same CD key in multiplayer. First, start the other game with the CD in drive. After the game has loaded, you can remove the CD and use it on the other computer.

Q: In the Finnish version it says 'Onneksi olkoon, olet päässyt kuuden parhaan joukkoon! Et pääse seuraavaan ralliin'?! (You are in top 6, you can't proceed to next rally)

A: Just a translation error. It lets you proceed to the next rally, so don't worry. Fixed in the patch.

Q: When I click on 'configure controllers' in the game menu the screen freezes and I can see the normal mouse cursor but not do anything.

A: This is a directX 9 bug, and the only way around it is to go to the display properties in windows and switching your desktop colour depth from 32 -16bit or the other way 16 -32 bit depending on what its set on now, then start the game and it should now be possible to to open the configure controller screen. If it does not work the first time try switching your desktop color settings again and it should work.
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Default New info on control setup Vista & later

Q: How can I setup my controller in Windows Vista / 7 / 8 ?

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