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Default Best Car in each Class

Post your fastest car in each class.

I vote for Audi TT as Class D car.

Now I need something fast for C class what do you prefer, main goal is best handling.
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I vote for the car that handles like a shopping muscle classic Dodge with a Viper V10 engine
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I think Lexus ISF is the best C class car with some upgrading.
NISSAN GTR Spec V with engine swap and further upgrading is the best B-class car.

I have yet to find the best A-class car...
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Audi R8 C999 car with small handling upgrades(body kit, suspension) quite good for me.(engine swap too)
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I don't know why, but taking RETRO cars like the old Charger or a the old Nissan Skyline with Upgrades to the limits of the classes makes me win all races with a huge gap to the next

But all in all I think it doesn't matter which car you take, because the game uses cars with similar ranks ( i mean the number behind the class).
Also I read the term "adaptive ai" with a hex editor in the Exe file, so Shift 2 might use it.
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