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Unread 30 September 11, 03:14   #1
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Default LFS vs netKar Pro 1.3

With the advent of LFS developers allowing a conversion of Blackwood to netKar Pro, would anyone care to give their driving impressions regarding their FFB/physics/tire models between LFS' FOX/F08 and netKar Pro's Formula 2000/Formula Target/KS2?
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Unread 1 October 11, 13:38   #2
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Personally I like the FOX, but the F2000 is miles better in terms of all the areas you mentioned. The other comparison I'm not sure's fair (as they're different cars). The problem with a question like this is every LFS fan's going to say one thing & nKPro fans another. However since playing nKPro I've barely touched LFS, I still think (after over 2 years) it has it beaten in nearly every department. I'm gonna run now before the angry mob gathers
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NKP wins out in all three classes.

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Unread 22 December 11, 22:26   #4
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BUT,tech wise it may beat LFS,but 15-20 servers and only 3 or 4 drivers,doesnt make for fun online racing,LFS wins hands down in that department,respect to NKP users but not finding any good racing just makes the software a hotlap sim and not much more im afraid.
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Unread 23 December 11, 14:33   #5
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nKPro is all about league racing. If you want full grids that's the way to go It's a shame pick-up racing's so quiet, but if you hang around servers where people are practising for a league event you can have some fun racing.
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you're almost comparing the worst cars in LfS to the best in NkP.

imho LfS could need some tweaks in open wheelers. it's the other way around in NkP, the other cars don't feel as good as the open wheelers, but of course that might be the nature of things, to some degree.
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