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Default NFS Porsche unleashed tracks

I dont know what you guys thinking but in NFS porsche unleashed was an amazing looking tracks i guess everybody who played that game know it. so i think i would be nice to drive those tracks in GTR2 too. Normania, cote d'Azur...
But i have no experience in track making so i hope somebody likes this idea and i hope to see this tracks in gtr2 someday.
And one more idea... how about The City Of Lost Heaven Circuit from Mafia? it was pretty nice too
hope you guys like this ideas
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I pretty sure EA stick to their EULA so sites like No Grip will abide by it which means any discussion on same is not allowed.

You may not decompile, disassemble, or reverse engineer the Software by any means whatsoever.
You may not extract code from all or part of the Software, or authorise any third party to perform or to attempt to perform such operations on the Software.
Some developers have different interpretations of this law depending on what suits them, I do not think EA is one of them.

Like I do not think you will find the standard F1Challenge tracks or cars here converted to later sims but you will see mods and addon circuits.
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There are various NFS tracks available for World Racing 2, and so far EA hasn't knocked at TXpro's door (luckily). TBH, I don't think EA gives a shit... It most certainly doesn't hurt their income from the new titles.

As for NFS5 tracks, most of them except Monte Carlo are point-to-point, so I don't know if they work in GTR2. I agree, though, they're the best tracks in the classic series (by classic I mean up to NFSHP2).

The problem would be if NoGrip decided to enforce their rules regarding CD checks. Not sure if EA even sells NFSPU anymore. I can't complain, however, since I'm one of the few lucky ones who still has a working original copy of the game...
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Originally Posted by Zpectre View Post
... As for NFS5 tracks, most of them except Monte Carlo are point-to-point, so I don't know if they work in GTR2 ...
You can create a p2p look-a-like for GTR2.. Remember Col de Joux Plane? It used "visual trickery" (=blocked roads) to create p2p feel (which works GREAT!! Thank you). Actually it is loop track (see pic).

Green is the drivable part (red means I was slipping off the road ) and the grey part is the loop back (containing a pit too). I was even able to create a modified AIW which allowed TimeTrials for this awesome track .

so, YES, p2p is possible!

cheers.. aSa C[_]
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well sadly if its unable to do it. but its kind a weird its an interrnet here is plausible everything. it must able to do with torrent or something that
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ZONE INDUSTRIALE was also a very cool track !!!
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NFS 5: good ol' memories. I remember cruising on autobahn with the '98 911 GT1. I thought pyrenees was one of the best tracks!
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great idea! Need for speed porsche is my first sim-racing game and one of the best sims so far! Good memories about this game and tracks.
I think Auvergene, Corsica, Autobahn, Schwarzwald, Alps were superior tracks! Converting them to gtr2 would be amazing great news
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