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Worn in or worn out?
Worn in or worn out?
uploaded by renard   
photo info Date: 2nd December 2011 · Views: 1069 · Filesize: 271 kB · Dimensions: 1600 x 1200
description Check out the wear on my Momo, do I have an abrasive right thumb!
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9:48pm 2nd December '11

Join Date: Oct 2006
LoL, you have an "hard" trained right Hand i think!
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9:50pm 2nd December '11
renards avatar
Join Date: Dec 2010
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10:36pm 2nd December '11

Join Date: Dec 2009
This wheel looks very familiar to me...
But mine doesn't have this mark...
Did you search the boost of the Porsche GT3R Hybrid?!?
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11:15pm 2nd December '11
baz82s avatar
Join Date: Jul 2009
Originally posted by BonoVox05
LoL, you have an "hard" trained right Hand i think!

that sounds rude

Pinky x
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11:26pm 2nd December '11
Sergey Yashin

Sergey Yashins avatar
Join Date: Dec 2009
Oh, the old black momo! masterpiece!
I have that wheel in the box waiting for the G25 to brake down...
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11:41pm 2nd December '11

Ney.Diass avatar
Join Date: Jul 2007
I have the same wheel as you, MOMO Racing Force, and I like it very much! It's enough for me, for while! Mustn't a G25 or G27!!
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12:02am 3rd December '11

deBorgo83s avatar
Join Date: Dec 2009
"Personalised" I'd say!
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12:17am 3rd December '11

Join Date: Oct 2006
Originally posted by deBorgo83
"Personalised" I'd say!

So you mean it wasn't his Thumb? Oh what a dirty soiled soul you are!
Greets to baz82

At least i love you all! Send you all my, you know
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12:25am 3rd December '11
Alex Madman

Alex Madmans avatar
Join Date: Oct 2009
Holy sh*****t
What the hell have you been doing?!? I've been using the same wheel for like five years straight and it hasn't moved at all. I can't imagine what kind of sandpaper you have for skin, but maaan...
P.S. No offense. I just cant believe the wear on that thing
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12:48am 3rd December '11

luizinhoPes avatar
Join Date: Dec 2008
Meu irmão!!! você joga muiiito!!!!!O meu tem mais de dois anos e ainda ta inteiro.... abracos!!
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12:51am 3rd December '11

DurgeDrivens avatar
Join Date: Jan 2011
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2:45am 3rd December '11

SANTANA_DKs avatar
Join Date: Oct 2006
that's what I all "death grip"
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4:28am 3rd December '11

FerrariFanARGs avatar
Join Date: Jun 2007
I think yoour thumb is very busy with many things
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