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Formula 1 Simulator
Formula 1 Simulator
uploaded by HansKindler   
photo info Date: 20th April 2017 · Views: 572 · Filesize: 39 kB · Dimensions: 768 x 576
description on a Commodore +4, maybe 1987
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12:06pm 20th April '17
team21 file clerk
CY-33s avatar
Join Date: Aug 2006
Can somebody plz convert to rF and GTR2?
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12:37pm 20th April '17
Ancient Uploader
fisheracings avatar
Join Date: Jan 2007
Originally posted by CY-33
Can somebody plz convert to rF and GTR2?

.. and while you're at it maybe a couple of new skins also...
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1:02pm 20th April '17

Klapaucjuszs avatar
Join Date: Aug 2007
Is it Nürburgring Nordschleife?
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1:20pm 20th April '17
team21 file clerk
CY-33s avatar
Join Date: Aug 2006
Is it Nürburgring Nordschleife?

Pretty sure it is, but the model of the castle is not correct. Very sloppy modding. Somebody didn't do their homework: the tower needs to be on the right side from this point of view!
With essential bugs like this I will not download...
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3:44pm 20th April '17

JoeSchmoes avatar
Join Date: Oct 2006
Too heavy for my PC!.............
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5:33pm 20th April '17
Pete Conway

Pete Conways avatar
Join Date: Sep 2009
JoeSchmoe, if the Green Hell is too much for you try the 1978 title 'Night Driver' from Atari, it's easy on the graphics and on the eye as it's just in Black with White marker posts.
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6:34pm 20th April '17
Nappe1s avatar
Join Date: Mar 2007
Afaik, this is the geoff crammonds first simulation. Or 3rd, as this is REVS 4 tracks and yes, it's commodore 64 version running Nurburgring nordschleife, which was the fouth track in this version. Original REVS was released for bbc micro as early as 1984.

The game had true simulation engine, simulating suspension and engine. It was waaayyy ahead of it's time and that showed in its running speed. C64 version was faster than the older hw versions, but it was hardly playable. The legendary c64 turbocard SuperCPU got optimized version, but even being doubled crunchin power of 6510 cpu, game was said to be "still hardly playable, yet faster."
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8:03am 21st April '17

Join Date: Dec 2013
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9:24am 21st April '17

Join Date: Aug 2014
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3:51pm 21st April '17
HansKindlers avatar
Join Date: Jun 2014
My very first racing 'simulation'
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9:41pm 25th April '17

DurgeDrivens avatar
Join Date: Jan 2011
Can somebody plz convert to rF and GTR2?

Yeah right ........rFactor2 misses out again !

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