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He's a Lumberjack and he's OK...
He's a Lumberjack and he's OK...
uploaded by Pizzaman   
photo info Date: 9th March 2018 · Views: 324 · Filesize: 195 kB · Dimensions: 1456 x 829
description I decided to use the 'new' (well I am a slow learner) 3DSmax skills (ahem...) to finally revive the old Lumberjack Valley track. With 3DSmax the making of landscapes is pretty 'easy', I'm slow though. But the end result is 'light' on the GFX-card so should run well. Goin tho be a rollercoaster track with idiot AI. I'm not satisfied with them untill at least 10-20% of them die trying to make 20 laps. Should be do-able...

First I make the track (added hairpin section and a bit more height), then export that to 3DSmax. Then I add the terrain... and then back to BTB to add the terrain edges. All the objects I will also produce, so this will take a while. Unless somebody has some good trees for it. I', a bit tired of the stale old 2D trees so might end up making my own, using LODs. Yes, before you ask, bridges and tunnels will be part of the thing.

I'll need the excersize in Max though as there's also some other work I need to do.
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9:49pm 9th March '18

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10:38pm 9th March '18

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6:39pm 10th March '18
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9:58pm 10th March '18

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8:59pm 15th March '18

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.."I cut down trees, I wear high heels"
looking forward to release
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