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photo info Date: 8th April 2018 · Views: 338 · Filesize: 70 kB · Dimensions: 601 x 464
description What message is this idiots actions sending to up and coming motorcycle racers???
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7:21am 9th April '18
Template Editor
Capri87s avatar
Join Date: Dec 2012
The way MotoGP officials handled it was pretty much "Do what you like we don't care" after giving only a 30 second penalty, they might as well not bothered.
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7:49am 9th April '18
Andy race
Andy races avatar
Join Date: Jan 2015
I suppose there is an electricity Line above allover the truck.
Any way he has allaround crash Protection
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11:03am 9th April '18

Join Date: Feb 2011
Very funny race but Marquez should have been black flagged after the Rossi incident. Marquez is riding far too aggressive, I hope he calms down until the next race. One day, someone will get hurt, either Marquez or someone else. If you look in the lower classes theere are also some very aggressive guys. Riding like this has to stop.
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1:21pm 9th April '18

JoeSchmoes avatar
Join Date: Oct 2006
There was a way we used to take care of this in the 70's and 80's. You stroll to the guys truck, and have a "talk" with them.........
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12:52am 10th April '18

GeeDees avatar
Join Date: Jan 2007
Remember when Rossi was supposed to have kicked Marquez off his bike... he got put to the back of the grid for next race which spoilt his chances for the Championship.

Problem is, if you put Marquez to the back of the grid you are just asking for it to happen all over again.

Perhaps put him at the back on a Moto 3 bike!!

Personally, I think they should take all his points from him off the first 2 races pushing him back to zero points and ban him from the next race.
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