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New CGSS-based Itasha Skins
New CGSS-based Itasha Skins
uploaded by Ira_Takamachi   
photo info Date: 15th May 2018 · Views: 71 · Filesize: 256 kB · Dimensions: 1280 x 720
description I got frustrated after my attempt to adapt my itasha HSV skins to Team B.B.'s version of HSV failed, and my attempt to make another skinpack for stock GTR2 cars also ended up in failure. To make it worse, my laptop couldn't handle EEC + SGT mods combined without lowering the detail (which look a bit bad on front banner part). The mod is, in a way, too heavy for my laptop. In the end, I decided to throw away all of my plans and make something anew.

The result is some new skins for SGT mod (HSV, GT-R, SC430) with the total of 20 skins excluding my previous skins (except Pink Check School, Triad Primus, and Positive Passion). I also made new CGSS-based skins for Lisgo Modding Team's FIA GT3 2011 mod, with the total of 30 skins. Since Lisgo's mod is way lighter than EEC's, I can get a full-blown field on one race. I dedicate the skinpack for itasha fans, and specially Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls fans out there.

I need to do something first, but I think I can release the skinpack near future.
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3:43pm 15th May '18

Join Date: Dec 2016
I like the blue one...
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4:19pm 15th May '18

Ira_Takamachis avatar
Join Date: Feb 2017
Originally posted by SMD_Racing
I like the blue one...

Once, someone said this to me when I said I like Makino (the blue one).
"You have a celestial taste."

Now, I want to say this to you, "Sir, you have a celestial taste."
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