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GT Legends Hotlaps
How it works.
1: Any registered member of the site can submit times.
2: To view the times you can use the track, car and class lists to filter the results as necessary.
3: All times should be submitted in the same format as they are displayed when viewing a replay, for example 123.456 seconds.
All submissions must be accompanied by a hotlap replay file of the lap time.
These are saved automatically during race sessions or single player "free practice" sessions.
Replay files are in the "GTL\ReplayData" folder and by default are named "*trackname* HOT LAP.Vcr"
Please do NOT compress the replays files in an archive before uploading, or the submission will fail!
4: If you submit a faster time for a car/track combination the old time is automatically removed from the database and replaced with your new time.
5: No modifications to the game files other than graphical improvements are allowed.
You must keep 2 wheels on the track surface at all times - the track surface is defined as the tarmac and the red/white painted kerbs next to it.
The site moderators may choose to remove any time which they believe was set by cheating.
Any submitted times that do not match the time recorded in the replay file will be removed.
6: If you find any dubious laps in the database please report them here, thank you.
7: To watch a replay download it and put it in the \GTL\ReplayData folder, then just start the game and go to the replays section where you will see the file you downloaded.