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GT Legends Hotlaps
To view the times you can use the track and car / class lists to filter the results.
12 matches found.
# Driver Car Class Laptime Submitted Replay
1 WR-HW95 Lotus Cortina TC-65 00:56.764 11-01-2008 please login
2 Dimetrio Lotus Cortina TC-65 00:57.869 12-11-2010 please login
3 Warsaw77 Lotus Cortina TC-65 00:58.000 22-05-2009 please login
4 Enal Lotus Cortina TC-65 00:58.106 10-06-2008 please login
5 HeebyJeeby Lotus Cortina TC-65 00:58.355 29-07-2007 please login
6 Reppu Lotus Cortina TC-65 00:58.489 28-08-2007 please login
7 Joel Lotus Cortina TC-65 00:58.610 15-04-2006 please login
8 tminus3 Lotus Cortina TC-65 00:58.859 05-02-2007 please login
9 MOTORSPORT Lotus Cortina TC-65 00:58.862 17-11-2010 please login
10 isaak57 Lotus Cortina TC-65 00:58.938 16-06-2009 please login
11 Grimmie187 Lotus Cortina TC-65 00:59.752 30-05-2009 please login
12 witten Lotus Cortina TC-65 01:00.344 27-10-2008 please login

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